A New Way to See Skincare ~ Using Hemp Seed Oil

We just love highlighting and putting the spotlight on inspiring and amazing companies such as Blissoma!

If you are intrigued with and fascinated by apothecary and skincare then get ready for this next level company to give you an experience you will keep coming back for!

Blissoma, founded by Julie Longyear is dedicated and committed to bring the world organic, plant based skin care for a healthier you and a happier planet.

Most, if not all of Blissoma’s products are infused with organic, cold pressed hemp oil. The cold filtered hemp oil in these products provides essential fatty acids for the skin, which has the potential to heal and nourish on a deeper cellular level.

Hemp Oil can be helpful when dealing with rashes, psoriasis or eczema as it soothes and calms the skin. It can be an aid to dry or acne prone skin as it keeps the skin nourished with a proper balance of essential fats. 

Good quality oils are actually cleansing, contrary to popular belief. It will help exfoliate the skin gently and maintain cellular integrity while restoring proper skin hydration. It is such a joy to behold as we all know the powerful and healing benefits of hemp oil for the skin.  

Blissoma is also a fine example of Sacred Commerce by keeping a positive and healthy work environment while being conscious about the global impact of their products and mission to serve their customers.

Enjoy browsing their online store at: blissoma.com and experience clean, pure beauty care for the best skin ever.

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