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Hemp facts

It’s been well documented that hemp & cannabis have been an integral part of human civilization for thousands of years.

Here are several misconceptions about hemp and cannabis that may help you when educating other about the history, uses, and what hemp is.



Hemp can get you high.

Industrial Hemp is indeed part of the Cannabis family, however hemp is specifically any variety of cannabis that has less than .03% THC, and therefore cannot get you high.

All products with the name hemp in them are true cannabis hemp.

There are several products on the market, or plants that grow that are very similar to industrial hemp, or have adopted the name hemp as they have similar properties. For example you may find some “hemp rope” but it may be manila hemp, hemp burlap canvas, but it may very well may be jute. So it’s important to know your sources and ask if it’s true authentic genuine hemp.

The USA Laws have always treated hemp and “marijuana” the same.

It’s only been roughly 80 years since the demonization of hemp in the USA and around the world. Yes, there have been some laws through history, but some of those laws have actually mandated farmers to grow industrial hemp for war efforts, or to even pay taxes. Check out the Federal Farm Bill to learn more here.

Even though THC levels are low in hemp, the THC can be extracted and concentrated to produce a powerful drug.

Extracting THC from industrial hemp and further refining it to eliminate the preponderance of CBD would require such an expensive, hazardous, and time-consuming process that it is extremely unlikely anyone would ever attempt it, rather than simply obtaining high-THC marijuana instead.

Legalizing hemp while continuing the prohibition on marijuana would burden local police forces.

In countries where hemp is grown as an agricultural crop, the police have experienced no such burdens.


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