Do You Have a HEMP Product You Know Can TRANSFORM Lives...

that you truly believe in?

But not sure how to share it with the world?

Does this sound like your hemp business?


  • Struggling to effectively market your hemp products

  • Facing the stigma about the hemp industry 

  • Lacking the expertise to take your hemp business to the next level

If you can’t market your business effectively, you risk:

  • Unclear messaging or worse: disinformation

  • Eroding consumer trust

  • Ultimately losing out on sales and going out of business

There’s a better way to market your hemp products.

You know how hemp provides major benefits to the environment and our personal health, right?

And you know hemp can prevent massive air, water, and soil pollution.

It’s obviously a much healthier and natural alternative to synthetic and other toxic materials, but you already know that…

The world needs to hear about your hemp product!

As a hemp-focused creative marketing agency, HempAware can help you elevate your marketing and branding so you can take your hemp business where you want it, make great money, and feel good about your work.

The HempAware Difference

Industry-Backed Expertise

Not every creative agency knows the ins and outs of the hemp industry – but we do!

With over 17 years of experience in hemp education, marketing and distribution, the HempAware team knows the fine details of the business – which can help you position yourself as an industry leader and build trust with your audience, resulting in a scalable business.

Scale Your Hemp Business

With effective marketing and creative content, you can build and boost your sales, develop your hemp products, and attract your ideal clients – all while getting peace of mind knowing that your hemp business is making a massive difference in the world.

Ready to take your hemp business to the next level?

1. Schedule a Discovery Call

We’ll discuss your business and help you identify the best way to market your hemp products.

2. Create a Strategic Marketing Plan

Together, we’ll create a strategy to provide you with the creative services you need and develop a plan to make it hempen. And we’ll work with you until you’re 100 % satisfied. 

3. Make a Difference with Hemp 

You’ll get hemp education, marketing and branding so you can elevate your business, increase your sales, and profoundly change the world with your hemp products.

Branding & Design

Marketing Strategy

Hemp Business Education

Why HempAware?

With over 17 years of experience in hemp marketing, sales, education and distribution, we know a thing or two about the industry.

We’ve spent years working with hemp entrepreneurs, so we know what you’re facing.

And we know the best way to effectively communicate your hemp business to the world, so you can attract your ideal paying customers.

And keep them coming back again and again so you can succeed, while making the world a healthier, greener place together.


Do One Thing: HEMP

Learn how to share your DOT with the world, with this inspirational guide for hemp entrepreneurs.