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5 Hemp Marketing Strategies to Help Your Business Succeed

Growing your hemp business can be difficult. And it can be even harder to know how to grow your hemp or cannabis business online due to legal restrictions and stigmas. 

When it comes to digital marketing, are you dropping the ball? Don’t worry because you’re in the right place, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about hemp marketing and how you can use it to grow your business.

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1. Optimize Your Website

The best hemp website strategies (or any website for that matter) include optimizing for speed and mobile screens. Take the time to analyze your current website and see where you can improve it. Then focus on the areas that will offer you the highest ROI such as your check-out cart page and your sales pages.

There are some great tools for tracking and analyzing people’s path on your site, so see where they are dropping off and work on improving those numbers.

Only one in three business owners has taken the time to optimize their website. So, this first step alone will help you stand out in a crowded field and grow your hemp company.

2. Focus On Hemp SEO

Online marketing through content is key to growing your business.

Did you know that 76% of people who search for something on their phones visit that business within the next day? When someone searches for a hemp business in your area, are you ranking near the top? If not, then you will lose out on potential business. 

Luckily for you, you can improve your SEO through consistent effort. Create valuable content that your audience is searching for and you will bring in continuous organic traffic day after day. 

There are some important things you can do on your website (onpage seo) and off your website that will help boost your seo rankings.

Onpage SEO has to do with Keywords you’re using, making sure all your images have alt takes and quality descriptions with your keywords, and using internal linking to other pages on your site can help with onpage SEO.

And offsite SEO would be things like backlinking from other quality websites, posting on social media platfroms from your brand, and guest posting on other blogs that lead to your site.

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3. Utilize Influencers and Podcasters

Just because there are limits to what you can say and post on social media, doesn’t mean you’re limited completely. Work with influencers online and ask them to mention your product to their audience. Many influencers are happy to share products with their audience for a nominal fee. 

Likewise, podcasters are always looking for new sponsors to mention during their podcasts.

Reach out and begin to build relationships with a few who have an audience similar to yours. Then offer to sponsor their next episode if they mention your brand.

Here’s a great little tool that can help you find influencers and automatically reach out to them: InfluencersHub.

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4. Grow Your Affiliate Database

Because you can’t use traditional marketing strategies to build brand awareness such as social media advertising. Work with other business owners who can. Then partner with them to mention your product in a blog article or email. Offer them a percentage of all purchases by their customers. 

Affiliate marketing has been a catalyst to help business owners in every industry launch and grow their companies. And you can use it too to scale your hemp business today.

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5. Expand on Email Marketing

Getting new customers to your website is only half the battle when growing your new hemp business. You then need to convert your visitors to your website.

Unfortunately, 92% of all website visitors aren’t ready to buy your product yet.

Don’t lose out on this valuable business by letting them click away without first getting their contact information. A great way to do that is to offer a valuable coupon code in exchange for their email address, or a leadmagnet, free ebook download type thing.

Then set up an automatic email responder to send a series of emails to your new subscriber over the next week to introduce them to your brand, and invite them to connect with you on Social platforms.

Continue to offer valuable information over email and use this amazing avenue to convert them to paying customers. 

Hemp Marketing Will Help You Grow Your Business to the Next Level

Growing your new business can be difficult. But your marketing doesn’t have to be when you follow these five tips. Now you can utilize the power of hemp marketing and scale your business today. 

As you work to improve your digital marketing strategies, you might have some more questions.

If so, then download our free ebook about how to use content marketing to grow your hemp or cannabis business without spending a penny. 

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