The most important tool in sales are the words you use. Using those words in the right combination is the key to selling your hemp products or services. With an experienced team of copywriters, we can help you succeed with your copywriting needs.

Hemp Copywriting

Not sure what to say to your customers, or how to say it?

Every step of the buying produces, from seeing your brand for the first time, to getting to know the products you offer, to making a purchase decision to inspiring your customers to be ambassadors of your brand all require copywriting.

If you’re not familiar with how to write an offer, or how to get people to understand what you offer, how it can solve your customers problems, and continue to deliver on your promise, we got you covered.

It’s great to have catch phrases, and keywords that help people to make a buying decision.

Presenting your product as the solution to their needs at the right time, is the harmonious combination of marketing and copywriting.

Having your copy organized and ready to use in different contexts is exactly what we can assist you with, so you feel more organized and ready to launch more successful marketing campaigns.

Finding the right words can be challenging. 

Writing an email, or social media post, or an advertisement have their unique nuances, and grabbing your customers attention, and keeping it is where we can help you shine!

Even if they are not ready to buy now, being in front of them consistently so that when they are ready to buy, is crucial to your success.

Writing copy specific to your target customer is vital to your success and their happines with your company.

Doing the background research before writing any copy for your website, campaigns or social posts, is the first step.

The more you understand your cusotmers’ needs wants, desires, pains and problems, the better you can position your product as the solution.

You want a copywriter who will understand who they are writing to, where they are at in their buying journey, and inspire them to be a longtime customer.

The second curcial thing in copywriting is understanding YOUR BRAND, what you represent, and value, so that we can convey this to your customers and help them get to know you and see where you align.

At HempAware, we’ll help you communicate with your ideal customer and get them to take action. Let’s get started today!

Copywriting: when you need it. where you need it.


  • Ads
  • Website
  • Emails
  • Social Post
  • Sales Pages
  • Landing Pagers
  • and more!


  • Flyers
  • Sales Letters
  • Newsletters
  • Magazine & Print Ads
  • Post Cards
  • Posters
  • and more!
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We are a well-rounded group of creative marketers.

Our indepth knowledge about hemp, marekting, branding, and design informs every aspect of our writing and copywriting.

Messaging and consistency is key to your success, and we are dedicated and committed to helping you succeed with the write message at the right time in front of the right people, for the right reasons.

If you’re wanting to raise awareness about your brand, sell more of your products, or educate your customers about the value that you can provide them with, we would be honored to assist you!


Hemp Marketing Step 1


Set up a call to discuss your hemp and copywriting needs. We will follow up with custom tailored proposal for YOUR goals and desires.

Step 2 Digital Hemp Marketing


Once you choose the right copywriting services for your goals and needs, our team will begin working on your plan right away.

Step 3 Hemp Marketing


We will involve you in the process and make sure you are 100% happy with the work, and launch it or update it as soon as you are ready.

Step 4 Digital Marketing Hemp


We will not leave you hanging. We do regular reviews and adjust your campaigns/materials as needed. We are create an ongoing collaborative partnership.

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