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Imagine how much money could be made from all the hemp product ideas – starting alone with FOOD, SHELTER & CLOTHING – we’d all be rich!
It’s already hemppening!

A Hemp Economy.

Excerpt from Chris Conrad’s book,
​”HEMP: Lifeline to the Future

Are you ready to weave hemp into your health & wealth?

Hemp is an essential living symbol of abundance for the Planet. The word Economy comes from Greek, oikos which translates to home.

​When we realize how interwoven our homes are with our work, with our bodies and relationships, we will get passed the poisonous environments we’ve created for ourselves and revitalize our life with HEMP!

Ultimately this transition is going to take time and growth, however, as recognizing that Earth is our HOME and through the power of ECONOMICS combined with HEMP we can experience what we believe to be a Harmonious, Healthy, Wealthy and Abundant Life!

Are you ready to weave hemp into your health & wealth?

Our mission is to assist you with integrating hemp products and services into your projects, lifestyle and or company!

HempAware is a platform for you to align with the right people, at the right time to develop the right products & services that will serve each our highest needs for FOOD, SHELTER, CLOTHING HEALING, ENERGY and so much more!


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Home is Where the HEART is. HEMP is where the MONEY is.

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If you’re needing high-quality blog posts, articles, or any sort of content creation for your hemp brand or hemp products, we have the team and experience that you need. Increase, your Organic Search Results, Traffic, Leads, and Sales, with Quality Hemp Content.