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Hemp Ideas for the Holidays

The following content is an audio transcription of the HempAware Radio recorded June 18th 2013. Keep in mind this was prior to Hemp being legal to grow in the USA.

Greetings. This is HempAware Radio ready and inspired to share with you how you can integrate this amazing plant called hemp into your holiday celebrations.

This hemp episode is entitled Share Hemp in Your Home for the Holidays.

And as you may know, HempAware Radio is committed to sharing the most essential information, knowledge, tools and products all made from the hemp plant.


So one thing that we’d like to be clear and upfront about is that we’re representing and spreading awareness about all the ways industrial hemp can be used to make food, shelter, clothing, and literally thousands of goods and services that have nothing to do with a drug called marijuana.

Hemp is not a drug.

So when we say that we’re going to share ways for you to use hemp in your home for the holidays, we are referring to gift ideas, foods, craft related and gift wrapping ideas, clothing, accessories, and a lot of other really cool items that can be produced from the hemp plant.

Hemp Twine for the Holidays


So to begin, Hemp twine is a wonderful natural- looking way to tie up your presence.

If you like to use natural colors and raw materials for wrapping your presence, then hemp twine is a fun, simple, cost effective way to do that.

And also similar to hemp twine is hemp yarn.

I know that there are a few companies in the US and a few others worldwide that provide hemp yarn, so, you definitely want to check that out.

So if you’re a crafty person and, and wanna make something nice for a friend out of hemp yarn, I’m sure they’ll appreciate the fact that it’s natural toxin-free, soft, eco-friendly, handmade.

So industrial hemp, as you may know, it’s specifically the seed and the fiber that comes from the cannabis plant.

So what that means is the hemp seed and fiber can be made into what Popular Mechanics magazine said that hemp can be used to produce more than 25,000 products.

And that was back in the 1930’s where they actually wrote that in an article entitled, HEMP The Billion Dollar Crop.

Hemp Seeds for the Holidays


So another one of the products that you could share this holiday season is the raw hemp seed. And they’re also called, Shelled hemp seeds or hemp nuts.

They are also called hemp hearts. If you live near a health food store, it’s very likely they will have hemp seeds.

If you don’t have a health food store near you, then ask your local grocery store to get hemp seeds there.

The more demand, the quicker we can experience a transformation and live abundantly and prosper without harming ourselves and our environment, integrating hemp into our businesses, into our grocery stores, our homes, into our lifestyle, into our community.

And if you don’t want to do that, you can simply go online and get hemp seeds in bulk and maybe save a little money and a trip to the store.

And if you don’t really care about spreading the word about hemp… which most people that learn about hemp, every hemp entrepreneur and person that has been inspired by hemp, or learned about the truth of the history of hemp, they have been totally inspired to want to talk about it, and share it with other people.

So some people are more involved than others, but for some reason when I was introduced to this plant, I was so inspired to actually commit, and dedicat. a huge portion of my life and, myself too, sharing , the knowledge and the wisdom and the benefit and the value of this plant.

So, what are a few ways you could use hemp seeds and recipes for the holidays?

Well, for one, they’re amazing to pair with any type of yam or sweet potato dish. Mashed potato type dishes really do well with a hint of temp nuts sprinkled on, soups are another great dish you could garnish with nutty hemp seeds, like a pumpkin soup or squash soup or, lentil soup or whatever you have around the holidays.

If you like fresh salads, they can, be thrown into your, hemp homemade dressings, or lightly dashed with him part to make it a creamier experience on your salad.

You can just sprinkle them on top. There are a few new brands out there making hemp ice cream that you might wanna look for. Vanilla hemp ice cream is, in my opinion, excellent ice cream topped with a chocolate sauce or placed on top of warm holiday cobbler.

You can also discover more holiday recipes at hempware.com

I’d like to share a few more ways you can use hemp for gift ideas and then we’ll wrap it up, with a short story about the holidays and, how it’ll be so much more fulfilling with hemp for you and your family and, and your friends to integrate hemp this holiday season.

We hope you’ve at least received, one practical thing that you can do. This holiday season tunes a great hemp into your celebrations. You can visit and listen to the archived hemp episodes on the iTunes podcast library for free 24 hours a day.

I know I mentioned that I would tell you a story, but for the sake of being brief and to admit that my storytelling skills need a bit of work, I am just going to kind of say who gift ideas are for your family members and.

In the forum or on the blog section, we’d love to hear your ideas about other ways that you’re integrating hemp into your holiday season. So one of the great things about hemp is that it can be made into literally thousands of different products.

You know, this list of hemp holidays ideas could be endless.

We could talk for 10 years about all the gifts you could give somebody for Christmas made of hemp. So here’s just a few. , your grandma or your grandma, would love a cannabinoid extract.

It’s, it’s a great way to consume the medicinal benefits of the hemp plant, the cannabis plant, without consuming the psychoactive component.

Hemp CBD for the Holidays


Cannabinoid extracts are something that.

A very new concept for people, yet it’s something that is ancient and has been around for ever since plants have been on the planet, and humans because we actually have cannabinoids in our body.

And those are the medicinal components, the therapeutic compounds that are in mechanisms plant.

So cannabinoid extracts are a great gift for grandma or grandpa for their joints, for any type of pain or if they’re dealing with some sort of serious illness or condition. It’s a great product and for brain function and, and so many other things.

So check out cannabinoid extracts online. You’ll find something great.

Hemp Baby Ideas for the Holidays


Little baby gets, some soft hemp fleece diapers.T

here’s so many different toys and things that can be made from, from hemp textiles and raw hemp fibers.

Youngster can get his, little onesie, you know, a little hemp onesie with a hemp feed on the front. Because, uh, that little sprout one day might be a hemp entrepreneur.

So, and then the little guy gets a hemp toy horsey.

You can make little hemp rope toys. , you can take hemp twine, hemp yarn, hemp rope, hemp fabric, hemp, raw fiber, and make all kinds of different little toys and things like that. And then the surfer brew gets a cool hemp vest and some hemp stock and, some hemp chap.

Hemp Gifts for the Whole Family


Dad gets a new, cool custom hemp chair with some hemp sweats and hemp slippers.

And then the other youngster gets a, a hemp silk dress.

She’s getting ready for a school dance, so she got a nice cus tailored beautiful hemp silk dress. Mom gets a beautiful floral, cannabis essential oil that she can use in her bath.

And she the hemp candle. And a hemp towel. And a hemp robe. So ultimately the list is endless. As you can see, there’s just so many different ways we can integrate Hampton to our holiday season.

And check out Google, check out ware.com for more links to literally hundreds of different companies out there that are offering hemp products.

It’s, it’s, it’s, a booming industry and if you haven’t looked into it, it might be something you want to invest your time, money, energy, effort. and, uh, career and passion into, uh, cause there are literally so many ways you can integrate hemp.

If you’re an artist, you can use hemp textiles for canvas. Uh, you can use hemp-based oil paint.

Hemp Fiber Products for the holidays

You can, utilize hemp board for construction if you’re a builder or contractor. If you’re a designer, clothing designer, wardrobe designer, costume designer, you can dissolve the different textiles if you’re a furniture maker, the raw hemp.

So there you have it . Now you can can share hemp in your home for the holidays this winter season.

And don’t forget to look up in the night sky.

This is a a little fun holiday. Mystery or mystical, spiritual type of thing that we can do to connect with, you know, the, the heavens, which are the stars above our heads and, and, beyond.

So, the Star series is the brightest star in the winter night sky and is the brightest star visible to earth.

This winter is, a great opportunity for us to connect with the star system Sirius.

As you may know, the folklore stands that hemp originated from this star system, Sirius, which is actually, an interesting story we won’t get into today. But, look into it and its significance to consciousness, its significance to humanity, to the people of the earth

Let Hemp Inspire Your Holiday


Get inspired. Use hemp as as much as you can if you wanna see change in the world. 

Said is going to share you how you can not only experience more peace in your life, but more money and be able to prosper and multiply sharing and offering something that is so clean and so simple and have such high value that you just probably won’t see a reason not to integrate hemp into your life some way somehow.

So thank you so much for listening.

We love you. We appreciate you. We wanna hear your feedback, your questions, your.


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