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The Success Story of Family-Owned Datus Henry CBD Hemp Company

Datus Henry CBD Hemp Company HempAware Podcast

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You’ll love hearing about the success story of Datus Henry’s CBD Hemp Company. This company is a family-owned and operated business that has caused a massive stir in the civil rights business district of Birmingham Alabama and throughout the hemp industry.

In this inspiring episode, I will be conversing with one of the founders and Chief Operational Officer, Christopher Packer of DatusHenry. He will be sharing their story of opening a hemp business from scratch, what they have done to overcome the hurdles, and building a flourishing brand that stands out in the overpopulated CBD market.

You will discover the awesome ways in which Datus Henry stays true to its commitment to quality and sustainability while generating top-notch hemp products that customers are blessed with – and all while keeping the family at the core of everything they do. From their farm-to-table approach to their grass-roots marketing strategies, you will gain precious insights into what it takes to thrive as a family-owned and operated CBD company in today’s fiercely competitive landscape.

Do not let this episode of HempAware Radio slip away from your grasp as we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and learn from the inspiring story of DatusHenry’s CBD Hemp Company. Tune in now to listen and subscribe, and brace yourself for a surge of inspiration!

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Guest Speaker Bio | Christopher Packer

Chris Packer is a member of a diverse family group based in Alabama’s civil rights district. With experience in non-profits, particularly with young adults and children with autism, Packer became interested in the Hemp and CBD industry as it was being prescribed to some individuals he worked with.

Along with his cousin, who is a doctorate nurse practitioner, and his daughter, who has a background in politics, Packer began focusing on the hemp industry as a way to transition into entrepreneurship and help bring health and wellness to his community and customers at large.

The Legacy of Hemp: Building Wealth and Wellness Through Sustainable Farming

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Key Takeaways:

– The power of multi-income streams and the value of hard work and legacy

– The potential benefits of CBD in various products

– The importance of education and tackling propaganda for the hemp movement- The challenges and opportunities of the hemp industry

– The potential of hemp beyond just CBD, including infrastructure, industrial products, and eco-friendly solutions

– The value of community and marketing in promoting a business Wealth and Wellness Through Multi-Income Streams and Hard WorkIn this episode, we heard about a family’s legacy in farming, with their great-great-grandfather acquiring property as a man of color in the 1800s.

Despite the challenges and obstacles faced, he was able to maintain and build upon his property by utilizing it for multi-income streams, including farming and raising livestock.

This legacy was passed down through generations, with each family member contributing their own additions and hard work to the land.

The speaker, who has a degree in business and experience in social services, recognizes the potential for profit in doing what one loves and sees farming as a way to do this.

The company, Datus Henry Industries, produces all of their hemp-based products themselves, from seed to shelf. This includes a range of products such as tinctures, muscle freeze, salves, gummies, and even an essential line using CBD-infused olive oil, sugars, and syrups.

The potential for CBD in various products CBD, or cannabidiol, has been growing in popularity for its potential benefits. The company grows its own hemp, processes the oil, and uses CBD oil to make its various products.

These products have been positively received by customers, who have even found creative uses for them beyond their intended use, such as using CBD-infused olive oil on hair for added luster and growth.

The Importance of Education and Tackling PropagandaHowever, the hemp movement still faces challenges due to propaganda and misinformation regarding the plant. The speaker, who founded Hemp Aware to spread awareness and education about hemp, emphasized the importance of tackling these misconceptions.

There has been a history of propaganda and demonization of the plant, with claims such as it caused black women to walk in white people’s shadows or caused Mexicans to rape white women. Dispelling these harmful and untrue narratives is crucial to promoting the full potential of hemp.

The Challenges and Opportunities of the Hemp IndustryThe hemp industry faces its own set of challenges, including the lack of infrastructure for distributing and transporting hemp products. However, the potential of hemp beyond just CBD is vast.

This includes using hemp for industrial materials such as plastics, concrete, and fire-retardant properties. The clothing industry can also benefit from hemp’s durability and strength. In addition to these eco-friendly uses, there are also potential medicinal and wellness benefits to be explored.

The Value of Community and Marketing for Hemp Companies

The Datus Henry Industries family recognizes the importance of community and marketing in promoting their business. They rely on word of mouth and events to promote their products, such as hosting infused dinner events and lunch and learn events.

By collaborating with individuals who want to have hemp or CBD parties, they are able to expand their reach and promote their brand. They are also partnering with Hemp Aware for extensive marketing to reach even more customers.

Key Topics Covered with Bullets for this Hempisode

  • History of the Speaker’s Family Property and Business
  • Acquisition of property in the 1800s
  • Multiple sources of income to keep the property
  • The property passed down through generations
  • The Speaker’s passion for farming
  • Products produced by their company
  • Importance of Education on Hemp
  • Propaganda and demonization of hemp
  • The Speaker’s involvement in the hemp movement
  • Dispelling misconceptions about hemp
  • Principles the Speaker Lives by | Christopher Packer
  • Quality, transparency, creating win-win situations, wealth, and wellness
  • Hemp as a gift from God
  • Encouraging love and caring for each other
  • Marketing and Community Efforts
  • Community-based promotions
  • Infused dinner event
  • Collaborations for hemp or CBD parties
  • Scaling up marketing efforts
  • Challenges and Benefits of Hemp
  • Challenges with banking and infrastructure
  • Diverse industrial uses
  • Creative uses of CBD products
  • Digital marketing services provided by Hemp Aware
  • Family-owned company
  • Focus on sustaining families and promoting social entrepreneurship
  • Organic seeds and plants, natural consumer products
  • Datus Henry Industries
  • Hemp’s Importance in Various Industries
  • Essential for food, homes, clothing, plastics, fuel, medicine, and more
  • Importance of Recognizing the Human Family
  • The word family and its significance
  • Solution for peace on Earth
  • Farming and Seasonal Management
  • Importance of timing
  • Weather and natural disasters as challenges
  • Turning challenges into opportunities

Overall, the podcast episode covers a wide range of topics related to the speaker’s family business, the importance of hemp, principles, marketing and community, challenges and benefits, personal beliefs, and farming.

Questions & Answers Related to this Hempisode

  1. What were the challenges faced by the speaker’s great great grandfather in acquiring and keeping the property in the 1800s?
    Answer: As a man of color, it was unusual for him to acquire property, but to keep it, he had to use it for multiple sources of income, including farming and raising livestock.
  2. What is the speaker’s background, and how did they get into the hemp industry?
    Answer: The speaker has a degree in business and worked in social services, but always had a passion for farming. They got into the hemp industry almost two decades ago and founded Hemp Aware to spread awareness and education about hemp.
  3. What is the speaker’s company’s product line, and how are they produced?
    Answer: The company produces all of its products themselves, from seed to shelf. They grow their own hemp, process the oil, and use CBD oil to make various products, including tinctures, muscle freeze, salves, cocoa butter, shea butter, gummies, and an essential line.
  4. What is the speaker’s company’s marketing strategy?
    Answer: The company relies on word of mouth and events to promote its products. They recently hosted an infused dinner event, hold lunch and learn events, and collaborate with individuals who want to have hemp or CBD parties. The company is partnering with Hemp Aware for extensive marketing to reach more customers.
  5. What challenges has the speaker’s company faced, and how have they overcome them?
    Answer: The speaker’s company faced challenges with banking and finding the right bank for processing money for a CBD or cannabis product. They also faced a setback when hurricane winds ruined acres of their hemp plants. The company used these challenges as stepping stones to gain knowledge and pass it on to others.
  6. What are some potential industrial uses of hemp, and what infrastructure is needed to support the delivery of supplies to industries and individuals?
    Answer: Hemp can be used for making plastic stronger, concrete stronger, and fire-retardant properties. The clothing industry can also benefit from hemp due to its durability and strength. However, an infrastructure that supports the delivery of supplies to industries and individuals is needed to fully utilize the potential of hemp.
  7. What principles does the speaker live by?
    Answer: The principles the speaker lives by are quality, transparency, creating win-win situations, wealth, and wellness.
  8. What message would the speaker share with every human being?
    Answer: If the speaker could address every human being, they would tell them to recognize the importance of hemp and the fact that we are all part of one human family.
  9. What is the importance of recognizing that we are all one family?
    Answer: Recognizing that we are all one family is important because it is the solution to wars, destruction, pain, and suffering caused by not seeing the other as a family.
  10. What is the speaker’s belief about love, caring for each other, and making the world a better place?
    Answer: The speaker encourages people to love and care for each other, and believes that together, humanity can make the world a better place. The speaker’s passion is farming and being in the hemp industry, as well as spreading the message of Jesus Christ.


The potential of hemp is vast, from its benefits in various products to its eco-friendly and industrial uses.

However, it also faces its own set of challenges, from misinformation to infrastructure. The legacy of the Datus Henry Industries family shows the power of multi-income streams and hard work, as well as the value of community and marketing. By utilizing these lessons and promoting education, the full potential of hemp can be realized.


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