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Supporting Women to Succeed with Hemp

In this brief post we want to give a special thank you and shout out to Seeds To Sew – an awesome non-profit organization making this world a better place by assisting young girls and women from disadvantaged communities to become entrepreneurs and be self sufficient.

They are teaching them job skills, educating them about business, and their special touch is teaching these women how to make their own products, such as school uniforms for the children in their community.

Before they are confident enough to make these new products, the women learn to sew by making Enkiteng bags, for which Seeds to Sew pays them upfront and sells them in US as eco-friendly gift-wrapping bags.

They are currently working with women in two subsistence farming villages in rural Kenya. One is a Maasai village in Transmara District and the other is a Kikuyu area in Central District.

Find out Who made Your Bag

Check the label on your Enkiteng Bag for name (new, big label) or initials (small, logo label) and meet the woman who made your Enkiteng Bag!

Proceeds from sale of that particular bag went directly to her.

Utilizing Hemp Webbing for Straps

We feel honored and so thankful to see Seeds to Sew utilizing hemp webbing for their latest product creation!

It’s called the Kitenge knapsack. Technically, what they are using is called hemp edging.

This allows the napsacks to remain light-weight, yet strong and durable.

It’s these types of projects that fill our heart with joy and remind us why we do what we do.

We are here to transform consciousness and serve the world with the power, benefits and value of industrial hemp!

Do you know anyone with a shop?

If you’d like to help support these beautiful and creative women to get their products out to the world, please share this post!

Another thing you can do is, if you or anyone you know has a boutique, online store or shop where they can feature these bags it will help spread the positive vibes!

If you know or meet anyone running a small shop like this one or this one, and you think they might be interested in buying some of the knapsacks for resale, contact Seeds to Sew.

Wholesale price is $9.90/ea and they are offered for $18/ea retail.

They are really nicely made and each is signed by the woman who made it, whose picture and story you can see on the Seeds to Sew website HERE.

It is really exciting for us to see these women liking their newfound skill of sewing and learning how to make new things… making a good living for themselves and able to provide a better life for their children. Really priceless!

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