U.S.S Constitution

“Ole Ironsides” was covered in HEMP!

More than 60 Tons of Hemp Rigging & Gear

Partial list of rigging (rope) required for the 1927 restoration of the U.S.S. Constitution from “The Frigate Constitution” by F. Alexander Magoun, S.B., S.M. The Southwest Press.

©1928 by the Marine Research Society, Boston, Massachusetts, Pgs. 96, 97.

Each mast (fore, mizen, main, etc.) required lifts, braces, reefs, jiggers, tackles, etc.

The Constitution carried well more than four miles of hemp rope.

Model USS Constitution Ship

Standing Rigging, Hard Laid Hemp

12 inches
12 inches
9.5 inches
Fore & Main Shrouds
9.5 inches
Mizen Shrouds
7 inches
Topmast Backstay
​9 inches
Topmast Stays
8 inches
Topgallant Backstays 
​5 inches
Topgallant Stays
4 inches
Royal Stays
​2.5 inches

Tons of Hemp Ropes with Thick Circumfrences

Please excuse the blurry images, They are from a video entitled Hemp for Victory Film, put out by the United States Department of Agriculture in 1942.

USS Hemp Constitution Sailors
Hemp Ship Sails and Ropes
Sailors Using Hemp Ropes on Ole Iron Sides
Hemp Rope and Rigging on USS Constitution

Running Rigging, Soft Laid Hemp

Gross Length
Truss Tackles
2.5 in
​260 feet
Jeer fall
4.5 in
350 ft
Pendant tackles
3.25 in
1200 f
3.5 in
470 ft
4 in
​608 ft
4 in
400 ft

4.5 in
400 f
Clew garnets​
3 in
400 ft
Main Bowline
3.25 in
120 f
Reef tackles
3.25 in
350 ft
2.5 in
530 ft
2.5 in
432 in
Clew jiggers
2 in
520 ft
Top burtons
3 in
1060 ft
Topsail tye halliards
3.25 in
1440 ft
Topsail lifts
4.25 in
360 ft
Topsail braces
3.25 in​
600 ft
Best bower anchor cable
22.5 in
720 ft
14 in
600 ft
Gun breeching (each) 
7 in
24 ft
Out-haul tackles (each)
2.5 in
60 ft

Text from “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” © Jack Herer
And Sourced from: DigitalHemp.com | www.digitalhemp.com/hemp/html/emp/02/ech02_18.htm