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Welcome aboard the hemp-train… of thought that is.

Tyler Hemp coming at you! Your hempthusiastichemptrepreneurial HOST, here to HEMPOWER your HEMPISPHERE – because it’s HEMPortant!

Get out your pen and paper boys and girls, you might wanna jot down some crucial dates and info during this hempisode!

Thank you… for tuning in to HempAware Radio today!

It’s May 9th, 2017 as we’re broadcasting this hempisode…on the upper Sacramento River in the Trinity Mountains, of Northern California.

You may be listening to a recorded version of this – either way – thank you for your awareness & time.

HempAware Radio is dedicated to putting hemphasis on what’s most hemportant – to YOU!

What is YOUR DREAM, YOUR PURPOSE YOUR MiSSION, what are you GOOD AT? What are you HERE to do?

No matter what it is that you do, WE’RE here to encourage you to:Do One Thing HEMP!

I sincerely want you to SUCCEED in your business and life, especially with the help of HEMP. The purpose of HempAware Radio is to assist you to overcome the challenges of our time.

We focus on many of the different aspects of the hemp movement and industry, and today is all about, Education & Celebration & Movement!

To help me hempower your hempisphere, I have very special guest, Nancy Metcalf Marketing Campaign Manager, from Dr. Bronner’s Soaps. She not only plays a critical role in the success of Dr. Bronner’s.

She also plays a crucial role in the SUCCESS of Hemp History Week!

We also have Lauren Berlekamp on the show.

Lauren, the Former National Event Coordinator for Hemp History Week, is also a massive contributor to the Hemp & Cannabis Movement, and is greatly involved with Dr. Bronners Marketing & Communications efforts.

She has been very well integrated with and helps get the message out there with regard to permaculture, she’s also a huge seed saving advocate among other crucial roles that both of these lovely ladies play in supporting our Earth and Humanity.

Before we get started, if you have any challenges you’re working through with hemp that you need help with – or if there is a topic you’d like me to cover on HempAware Radio – send a message to support (at) hempaware.com and we’ll do our darndest to make you hempy…I mean happy… ;-D

Welcome aboard HempAware Radio!

Tyler Hemp’s Notes from the show:

How was Hemp History Week originally birthed 7 years ago?

  1. 2010 – Initiative of HIA & VoteHemp, Living Harvest, Nutiva and a few other major Orgs.
    1. The original purpose of HHW was to Distinguish Medicinal or Recreational Cannabis from Hemp
    2. Retail: Stores
      1. Food, Clothing, Skin & Body Care
    3. GrassRoots Program
      1. Benefits and uses of hemp
      2. Represent HEMP in all 50 STATES
    4. Digital Communications
      1. Educational Materials & Resources
      2. Tools to Host a HHW EVENTS
      3. Plan Promote
      4. Hand-outs
      5. Instagram
      6. Twitter
      7. Facebook
    5. Hemp in the MEDIA
      1. ​Print
      2. Broadcast
      3. Online News​

What would you say would be the BEST way to CELEBRATE Hemp History Week?

  1. “Grow where you are planted.”
    1. Do a Hemp Spring Planting in your area.
    2. Connect with and educate farmers.
    3. Work hard to lobbying. Get signatures. Talk to Representatives.
    4. Sensible Hemp Policy
      1. The goal is to separate hemp from Controlled substances act…
      2. Call Legislators.
    5. Make Hemp FOODS & have a party and educate yourself!
      1. ​Hemp Pesto
      2. Smoothies
    6. Get a group of friends together, work with hemp products and teach each other about what you know about hemp.
    7. Hemp History Week Twitter Party | June 5th 5PM PST, 8PM Eastern
      1. Experts answering questions.
      2. Technology
      3. Nutrition
      4. Going to be GIVEAWAYS during live tweet party
      5. Take Action TODAY on VoteHemp.com
      6. June 1st & 15th – Giveaway
        1. Lucky 10
      7. ANYTIME OF YEAR you can engage
      8. Attend an event!

​What would you say are some of the most recent Hemp History Making moments that have occurred?

  1. 2012 David Bronner, Cosmic Engagement Officer
    1. Got Arrested Making History
    2. Pressed Hemp Oil
    3. Locked in Cage – calling Obama to pass Hemp Farm Bill
  2. Leister Dewey – paper from trees to HEMP!!!
    1. Demonstrated the viability of industrial hemp.
    2. He grew hemp where the Pentagon sits today!

What are some of your FAVORITE Hemp Historical Facts or stories?

  1. The NEW LAW 1619 – SEttlers HAD to grow HEMP – for FOOD SHELTER & CLOTHING.
  2. Canvas – Cannabis Pioneers – travled in canvas covered waggons.
    1. Withstand the atlantic
  3. Dogan – Siruis,
  4. Sacred Math in Cannabis
  5. Compbusted Cannabis – Carbon Nano

Who are some of today’s TOP Leaders & Supporters in the HEMP Movement?

  1. Pressure on Policy Makers
  2. The Hemp Industries Association
  3. VoteHemp
  4. Carve out the message on focal points of WHAT POLICIES need to be changed.
  5. Dr. Bronner’s
  6. Living Harvest
  7. Manitoba
  8. TreeFree Hemp Company
  9. And many other amazing supports you can find here.

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