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Why Was Hemp Banned in the United States in 1937?


I remember learning for the first time about why hemp was banned in the US way back in 1937. I was about seventeed years of age, sitting in my little cottage in Costa Mesa, California reading The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer. i was blown away by what I read, and the fire […]

5 Great Ways to Celebrate Hemp History Week Near YOU ~ this June!

This is one of the COOLEST EVENTS in the USA, put on by the Hemp Industries Association, Dr. Bronner’s, VoteHemp and the like! If you haven’t been a part of a Hemp History Week event, you may have seen your local Whole Foods or health food store celebrating with a section in their store, dedicated to hemp-based products. This […]

Hemp Disclosure: The LATEST w/ Eric Steenstra

HempAware Radio

Welcome! Get out your pen and paper boys and girls, you might wanna take some notes today, it’s gunna get rich with some good discussion! Thank you… for tuning in to HempAware Radio today! It’s March 27th, 2017 as we’re broadcasting this hempisode… Tyler Hemp here, your hempthusiastic, hemptrepreneurial HOST, here to HEMPOWER your HEMPISPHERE – because it’s […]

Celebrating & Making Hemp History | 2017

Hemp History Week

Find YOUR LOCAL Hemp History Week Event Welcome aboard the hemp-train… of thought that is. Tyler Hemp coming at you! Your hempthusiastic, hemptrepreneurial HOST, here to HEMPOWER your HEMPISPHERE – because it’s HEMPortant! Get out your pen and paper boys and girls, you might wanna jot down some crucial dates and info during this hempisode! Thank you… for tuning in […]

California’s #1 RESOURCE: Could it be…HEMP?

California State Seal

At the Department of Agriculture Building in Sacramento (the State Cap. of California), a meeting took place – on June 29th, 2017. ​It’s a joy and a great pleasure to know that folks from across California are meeting to have a professional discussion about the legalization and regulation of this abundant, historical, and extremely useful plant: Industrial Hemp! I found out about […]

Hemppen Reenactments | Spring Valley Lodges

Hemp Reenactment Tents using ROpes CAnvas

A lovely couple (Rebecca & Jim) out of Batavia, Illinois are the owner operators of Spring Valley Lodges where they’re making canvas tents for reenactors. Most of their customers portray the 1700’s through the mid 1800’s. Up until recently, they only supplied sisal-based ropes to support their customer’s tents. They are a small business and always on […]

Prosperity & Redemption with Hemp in Weed California

As there wasn’t enough time for me to share the following vision I felt inspired to share it with your all via email for consideration… Good evening Council and all those who are here tonight.My name is Tyler Hoff from Dunsmuir California. I would first like to ask a few questions to the Council, and ultimately the […]


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