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Prosperity & Redemption with Hemp in Weed California

As there wasn’t enough time for me to share the following vision I felt inspired to share it with your all via email for consideration…

Good evening Council and all those who are here tonight.
My name is Tyler Hoff from Dunsmuir California.

I would first like to ask a few questions to the Council, and ultimately the entire town of Weed. Then, I would like to tell you a brief story about who I am and why I feel SO inspired and motivated to stand before you this evening as I feel it is in complete alignment with the City Council’s Vision Statement.

Weed City Council Meeting Building with Hemp

My first question is:

Do the people of Weed want to Prosper and Multiply?

Next, Do the people of Weed want to be known for something?

Something sustainableenvironmentalhistorical and educational, something that will add to not only the local but the National Wealth and Prosperity of this Nation?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions and you live in Weed then I am confident you will see how my short story will shine a bright light on this veritable opportunity for this town to recover from it’s hardship and Prosper and Multiply once again.

I am an altruistic, entrepreneur, small business owner, educator and marketer. I knew at a young age that I wanted to do something BIG, something that would make a difference and a dollar, something Healthy for the Earth, Sustainable and Beneficial to all the people.

By the time I reached my mid-teens I dove into the books; I began learning about different cultures, working with children, in hospice and doing what I could to serve the community.

I studied Marketing, Music and Technology in college. I also started an organization to raise funds and send musical instruments, paper, pens and supplies to schools and families in East Africa. And then at the age of seventeen something profound happened to me.

My Grandmother gave me something called hemp protein powder. She said, “Look Tyler, I picked up some hemp protein from the grocery store and it’s really good for you!”

Up until that moment, I only thought that, hemp could be made into twine and ropes. But when I learned that it was also a perfect and balanced protein source, I was completely clear and inspired to move forward with my mission and purpose in life!

I immediately began researching everything I could about Hemp and I quickly came to see the difference between Hemp and Medical Cannabis.

Long story short, hemp DOES NOT get you high. I also learned hemp is offered in over 30 industrialized nations including the U.S. as, Food, Shelter, Clothing and thousands of products with an estimated sales of 500 Million Dollars a year.

When I learned that hemp is a solution for FOOD, SHELTER & CLOTHING I knew why I was here. In my studies,

I found in the book of Isaiah that to feed and clothe a man before sharing HIGHER TRUTH About WHO WE REALLY ARE as Spiritual, Unlimited Beings we must first feed a man, make sure he is clothed and sheltered. I also read in the book of Genesis that “all seed bearing herbs shall be for our meat.

Here is HEMP to Bring: Food, Shelter and Clothing to the people, something beneficial to the environment, doesn’t require killing in order to grow it, and it can be harvested in under 120 days!

Thirteen years ago I committed to being a hemptrepreneur.

I collected as many hemp examples, including about 99% of my ensemble.

I made the choice to continue to empower andeducate as of many people as possible with the TRUTH that hemp is a Sustainable, Renewable, Economically Sound resource that could free local towns and the U.S from dependence on foreign materials.

So with my box of hemp examples, at the age of twenty, I began my travels through France, Germany, England, the Netherlands and many other places.

It’s been an amazing journey learning from World-Class Hemp Organizations and Leaders. I’ve developed relationships with hemp company owners, professionals, film producers, authors, speakers and hardworking men and women that care about themselves, their families and their community.

I then began hosting HempAware Parties! These are like Tupperware Parties, except that we share crafts for the kids, foods, education, fashion, and resources for the community showing the benefits and value of hemp!

We’ve had great success turning people onto this God-Given seed-bearing plant for FOOD | SHELTER | CLOTHING and so much more! To sum it up, I moved to Dunsmuir as there was a wonderful opportunity for me up here and I love being where there is fresh air, lots of trees and good people. Which has naturally led me to this amazing little old lumber town called Weed.

I am simply here to shed light on this fabulous chance for this City to be known for something BIG that gives back, makes money and a difference. As the laws are gradually changing, farmers are being allowed to grow hemp for industrial and research purposes in the U.S.

President Obama signed a bill recently allowing several states to regulate the growth of hemp, leaving the DEA out of it. This means Weed, CA could be on the forefront of producing hemp and processing it in the mills, providing hundreds if not thousands of jobs, education, and services that will magnetize travelers and tourists to the town. When people have jobs they tend stay away from drugs and do better things for themselves and their community!

As the owner of Bulk Hemp Warehouse we deal with the distribution and marketing of many different products such as hemp textiles, seeds, twine, rope, hurds and several other industrial hemp products. I would be honored and happy to bring my business to Weed and support local farmers and processors of hemp!

I just recently spoke to a customer of ours with a company called Hempful Farms Cafe. They just opened a storefront cafe on the main strip in Phoenix, AZ. They are doing really well and they would even consider opening a franchise here in Weed if the town was supportive of it.

Hemp Amphitheater Weed, CA

I’ve also heard discussion of one Weed Property Owner who intends on building a state-of-the-art, Sustainable, Wind and Solar-Powered Amphitheater made predominantly from Hemp Bio-plastics, Hempcrete or Hemp Adobe, which happens to be lighter than concrete, has a four hour fire-rating and an R-Value of 80!

These are just a few of the examples of how this town could begin the process of integrating hemp as a wonderful, money-making, sustainable resource. In closing, whether the people of Weed take heed to this Golden Opportunity to experience a renewed economyecology and community which is more Sustainable, Safer, Healthier and more Affordable, it’s already happening around the world!

Many of us will continue riding this wave into a Greener, Healthier Economy and will continue to benefit and value from it.

So I leave it up to you Council, and the town of Weed whether you want to actively participate in the Prosperity and Abundance that sits before you? Or would you rather wallow in the ashes of prohibition and hard times?

Or maybe there is something completely different and amazing that you have in-store; the choice is yours. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin would all be supporting and backing you on this vision – as they were all hemp entrepreneurs!

Thank you very much tuning in!

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