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The Top Hemp Marketer You’ve Never Heard of

Top Hemp Marketer You Never Heard of

MEET THE WORLD’S TOP HEMP MARKETER The purpose of this post is to not only introduce you to Tyler Hemp, the world’s top hemp marketer and hemp branding expert, but to give you a solid overview of how to market your hemp products in a saturated and confusing hemp marketplace. Okay so for full transparence, […]

The #1 CRM for Hemp Companies ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION

The CRM for Hemp Companies ALL-IN-ONE Marketing Platform

We are so excited to announce our CRM for Hemp Companies! Over the course of my 18-year journey in the hemp industry, I have observed the rise of several notable hemp companies and entrepreneurs that have achieved remarkable success. At the heart of their operations, an element that has remained consistent is their ability to […]

Hemp Jewelry Treasures by Sarah

Are you into hemp, macrame and crystals? Then you must check out Saharahstreasures! In addition to her ornaments and bags, Sarah in Tuscon Arizona, is having a blast wrapping some awesome hemp jewelry! Her motto is to “save it from a landfill.” She makes all of the items on her Etsy store by hand. In the summer of […]

Conscious Cannabis Candles by Kushed Candles

Whether you smoke cannabis or not, most of us like the smell of flowers. Being that the cannabis plant produces resinous and terpene rich flowers, it’s a perfect source for aromatic amazingness! ​In this post I want to introduce you to a company that is on the cutting edge of cannabis essence products: Kushed Candles ​If […]

Weaving Hemp Twine into Sacred Patterns

We’ve recently discovered an awesome company/artist that is making tribal hemp blanket/shawls. She’s using hemp twine as her creative medium. Taryn, of Tanu, weaves beautiful patterns into her creations, through a process of repetition and connection. Taryn’s work is inspired by tribal culture and primitive life. She loves the simple technique and natural materials used in this realm. She’s […]

The Hemp Chair by VennDesign | Super Sleek

Hemp Chair

We couldn’t be more excited about our latest addition to the Hempducation Station here at HempAware! It’s an extraordinary healthy hemp chair! We realize that more and more people are catching on to the reality that sitting is unhealthier than smoking (according to James Levine’s work, author of Get Up!) However, if you are going to sit, this is possibly one of the […]

Hemp Essential Oil Benefits, Uses & How to with Blue Sky Oils

Come experience the BIGGEST Hemp Expo in the U.S., and check out this fun interview with Morris Beegle. Enjoy this fantastic interview with HempAware’s Tyler Hemp and Creator of Blue Sky Oils, Penny Stadick! Stay tuned for some other GREAT resources on Hemp Essential Oil!

Industrial Hemp Business Opportunities Vs High Paying Jobs For Stoners

Why start a hemp business versus finding high-paying jobs for stoners? Starting a hemp business or seeking high-paying jobs for stoners – has its pros and cons. Self Employed – Hemp Business OpportunitiesHow much Starting a hemp business has its freedom, fun, and responsibility – of both finding the work and then doing the work. […]


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